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Your B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Partner

Your partners are Performance Perfectionists

Supercharging the traditional agency model


Rebranding the Marketing Department

Right now your marketing department looks like a couple of people wearing lots of hats.
Skills are stretched. Time is short. Something’s got to give.

So you have two options:

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Stick with an agency

Any idea why your account manager changes every month, and it takes 3 weeks to change one word on your Google Ad?

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Hire an internal team

Amongst the “Growth Ninjas, Marketing Warriors and Brand Rock Stars”, where’s the “Unicorn” who can fill all your digital skill gaps?

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But wait,
there’s a 3rd option

And it means you get the best of everything, with no hassle.

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We think differently about digital

Our objective is to change the way business does digital by giving clients the focus they need to achieve results.

We are tired of the agency model that promotes client churn and rewards apathy. Where clients are treated just as another support ticket and strategies are replicated across accounts.

Deliberately streamlined, we work with only a handful of clients at a time to provide tailored solutions that get results. We deliver the agility of a freelancer with the strategy and execution of a team of dedicated experts.

More than an agency, we are a fully integrated part of your business. We’ll take the time to understand your business and goals so we can deliver strategies to get you where you want to go. With in-house support and daily performance tracking, we get as close to your business as possible, as if it is our own.

Our focus is on creating meaningful and intelligent strategies that are based on real data. We measure and optimise performance on a daily basis so improvements can be seen. And with a team of action-oriented individuals, your business will certainly be given the attention it needs to thrive.



What’s the point of spending thousands on digital marketing unless you get results? We love data and we measure daily so we can see what’s working and what’s not.



We know that we can do a better job by narrowing our focus and working with fewer clients. And with a 1:1 ratio of specialist to client, every person on our team has the time to review, optimise and check-in daily.



We’ll keep you updated about every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns so there are never any surprises. And if we don’t think what we’re doing is working, you’ll never be the last to know.​

Introducing Surge Growth Partners 

A brand new approach, which blends all the strengths of an internal hire
(who knows your business inside out) with the multi-talented brainpower
of a world-class agency (think every digital marketing skill you’ll ever need, covered).

Hiring internally means…..


A time-sucking and costly recruitment process
(hiring can cost up to 50% more than working with us)

Group (1)

Everything grinding to a halt when the marketer goes on leave

Group (2)

Upskilling and training happening on your time and wallet

Group (3)

Trying to fill skill gaps not even Seth Godin could manage

It’s flexible. It’s transparent. It’s cost-effective. It’s digital without the distractions.

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What we bring to the table


A strategic marketing partner who gets your business plan, and then delves deeper


A team behind your partners that speaks digital marketing, so you don’t have to


Less hassle, more hustle from your digital, without all the messy management


We’ve searched high and low for a team dedicated enough to make our vision for growth a reality. After working with Surge Growth, their strategies and digital expertise helped us grow from $9 million to $42 million annual revenue.

-Private Equity Firm, Sydney

One day maybe all marketing partnerships will be like this,
but for now you’ve just discovered the agency-antidote’s best kept secret.

How it works

We’ve built Surge around a gold-class, high-value service offering that no-one else
would even attempt, let alone compete with.

Step 1

After understanding your business position, needs, goals and vision, you’ll be paired with one strategic, experienced Surge Growth Partner.

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Step 2

Your Partner handpicks the team of digital marketers, skills are based on what’s needed for each campaign, not who happens to be in the office. From there? It’s ROI or die.

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Step 3

We analyse, optimise and strategise to ensure the best possible result. You get all the benefits from a world-class team of digital marketers, without any of the messy management.

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Your business needs to power up!
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